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Seminar Series on
Climate Change

The BURECS Seminar Series on Climate Change brings highly accomplished researchers, science communicators, and science educators to Boston University to discuss topics related to climate change. These seminars are open to BU students and the general public, and videos of seminars are made available online. Please subscribe to our seminar series blog to see all previous lectures and find out about upcoming lectures. burecseminar.blogspot.com

Featured Seminars:

Peter Girguis
Lisa Song
Paul Mayewski
Bud Ris
Douglas Zook
Les Kaufman
Cutler Cleveland
Richard Primack
Wally Broecker
George Denton
Tony Janetos
Wally Fulweiler
Matthew Nisbet
James Shanahan

Fully Immersive
Virtual Field Trips

We are currently developing interactive virtual field trips across the globe by utilizing aerial videography, 360° panoramic photos and videos, and ultra-high resolution gigapixel imagery. The field trips will allow first hand access for students and the public to geologic sites and the researchers who work there. Below are examples from our first virtual field trip Buried Ice created by Keith Heyward.
To get the full experience, visit BuriedIce.com from your desktop browser.