BU Research Education and Communication of Science

Meet the Team

Dave Marchant


Dave Marchant is a Professor at Boston University. His research focuses on long-term landscape evolution and process geomorphology, specifically on Antarctic glaciation and climate change, and by extension climate change and ice ages on Mars. He has led 25 expeditions to the Transantarctic Mountains, and combines results of field mapping with cosmogenic-nuclide analyses, Ar/Ar analyses, and numerical process modeling. Several discoveries by Marchant and his team include the development of one of the longest terrestrial records for East Antarctic Ice Sheet glaciation in the Transantarctic Mountains; the elucidation of long-term climate change and extinction of tundra ecosystems from the central Transantarctic Mountains; and, the discovery and analysis of ancient buried ice. He has published more than 90 peer-reviewed publications, was a member of the Geological Society of America and the American Geophysical Union, and served as Chair of the Science Operations Committee for the US Polar Geospatial Center. For his research and teaching efforts he received Boston University’s highest teaching award, the Metcalf Award, and the prestigious W.S. Bruce Medal from the Royal Geographical Society. Visit his research page

Keith Heyward

Media Director | DIAL Technician

Keith considers himself equal parts scientist and filmmaker. With a Biology degree from Brown University he has worked as a research assistant in labs as well as in the field. As a filmmaker, web developer, and interactive media designer he has created a wide range of media experiences from documentaries and online course videos to multimedia art exhibits and music videos. He has created hundreds of educational videos for a variety of organizations including the BBC, National Geographic, Netflix, Science Channel, NHK Enterprises, Brown University, Rhode Island School of Design, and UCLA. As both a scientist and an artist he appreciates the similarites between the two disciplines, but is also concerned about the gap between scientific research and science entertainment. He created the Buride Ice interactive website, offering a unique digital experience of the Antarctic Dry Valleys, and has developed many other websites for science related programs and organizations.

Donovan Dennis

Graduate Fellow

Donovan got his first taste of science education and outreach working for the Teachers + Occidental = Partnership in Science program while an undergraduate at Occidental College. He joined the BU Antarctic Research Group in Fall 2016 as a PhD student and currently assists in the instruction of the BURECS classes in addition to overseeing interns in the lab. He is passionate about the three tenets of BURECS — research, education, and communication of science, and is excited to work with students from across BU. In addition to his role in the formal administration of BURECS, Donovan additionally oversees and organizes BURECS and BUARG's outreach activities.

Jennifer Berglund

Program Administrator

Jennifer has produced a variety of educational and entertaining science-related films for the web, broadcast and the big screen. She has also worked as a freelance writer for several award-winning publications, and was the recipient of the 2009 Documentary Award from the Associated Press, as well as the 2010 Communicator Award for her work on the educational video series, "Biomes of the Earth". She is also an exhibit developer and writer for the Harvard Museums of Science and Culture. Having completed both her undergraduate and graduate education at Boston University, she holds a master’s degree in Science and Medical Journalism, and a bachelor's in Biology. www.jenniferberglund.com